Braking Resistor For Variable-Frequency Drive


A braking resistor helps to slow down or stop a motor by dissipating excess voltage generated by the decelerating motor. When power is removed from a motor, the load is reduced causing it to turn at a faster rate. The motor acts as a generator, creating electrical energy which flows back into the power circuit. If this rise in voltage is too great the drive will trip on overvoltage or the drive will be damaged.

Braking resistors dissipate the energy generated by the slowing motor (as heat) to ensure that the voltage rise is kept to safe levels to prevent damage to the drive. These resistors can also help to lower the wear on braking components which can extend equipment life, enable faster braking and eliminate the risk of overheating.




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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm

80W 120R, 150W 100R, 300W 68R, 400W 30R, 150W 300R, 200W 300R, 400W 100R, 400W 150R, 750W 75R, 1000W 60R, 1500W 40R, 2500W 30R