A single-phase motor composed of a single-phase winding which gets attached on the electric generator of the engine and a confined winding put on the motor. A vibrating focal point is made up of when the single-phase supply activates the stator winding of the single-phase electrical motor. These motors are commonly used in workshops, homes, offices, etc. As the energy supplied to homes and offices are single-phase. Additionally, these motors are dependable, inexpensive, easy to construct, and easy to repair; therefore, they are readily applicable to vacuum cleaners, washing machines, fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, etc.

Classifications of Single-phase Motors

Single-phase motors are classified as:

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  • It is constructed the same as a three-phase electrical motor that has a squirrel cage generator.
  • Synchronous motor happens when the speed of the generator of the engine moves with the same flow as the revolving magnetic space.
  • Repulsion motor is a particular type because it works due to the aversion of similar poles. The generator of this motor has one phase AC supply, and the coil orbit is briefed through carbon brush.

Though single-phase electric motors are not self-starting because of the manufactured generator flux keeps changing and at the beginning, the components of this flux reject each other, and there is no net torque, but there are methods that can help it become self-starting.

The solution to this issue is to rotate the stator flux and to make a rotating magnetic field; two different fluxes are needed but with different angles. When these fluxes come into interaction with each other, they will generate a resulting flux which is orbiting in nature and rotates in one direction particularly.

Finally, when the motor starts working, we will remove the additional flux. The engine will run with the help of the first flux. There are five types of single-phase electrical motor in this regarding:

  • Split phase electrical motor
  • Capacitor start the electrical engine
  • Capacitor start capacitor run the electrical motor
  • Shaded pole electrical motor
  • Permanent split capacitor motor or single value capacitor motor

Components of the single-phase motor

  • They are economical, robust, and reliable for a separate power rating.
  • The electric power factor of a single-phase electrical motor is low.
  • It creates about 50% of the output.
  • The initial torque is low.

Specifications of 2 poles Electric Single phase motor

The model is GMYL712-2, and it has the power of 0.55kw/0.75 HP. It has 240V, and maximum amps drawn are 3.9Amps with the speed of 2 poles (2800rpm), shaft size is 14mm, and it is light in weight.

Specifications of 2 poles Air-compressor Single-phase motor

The model is GMYL802-2 with the power of 1.1kw/1.5HP. It contains 240V and maximum amps drawn are 7.05Amps. The speed is two poles (2800rpm), shaft size is 19mm, and it is light in weight. It has a circuit breaker installed with the reverse motor. It is a capacitor start and capacitor runs the engine with a total enclosed fan cooling.

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